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Free Survey Giveaway

In exchange for your help with completing our survey, we will give you a redeemable e-voucher for free access to our apps. We will also let you know when our latest products are launched to the market and let you try them for free! 

Special Needs Professionals

Do you know any children with special educational needs (SEN)? Are you a SEN Professional (including teacher, therapist, psychologist, social worker etc.) or parent of a SEN child? We want to develop technology that can assist you with educating SEN children. To achieve this, we must first know more about your needs.

Online Class
Mom And Baby Playing Together With Toys


你認識有特殊教育需要 (SEN) 的兒童嗎?你是 SEN 教育專業人士(包括治療師、教師、心理學家、社工等 ) 或 SEN 孩子的家長嗎? 我們希望開發可以幫助你教育 SEN 兒童的技術。要做到這一點,我們必須先了解更多您的需要。

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