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Myotapps City

for age 3 to 18

A gamified 

training program  

Discover Myotapps City, an evidence-based, customizable training tool that empowers SEN professionals to assist students in overcoming writing challenges. With a current focus on fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills and visual motor control, Myotapps City offers personalised programs that students can complete independently from home, while progress is tracked and monitored at distance. Experience a transformative approach to improving handwriting with Myotapps City.

Gamified Skills Training

Visual Motor Control

The ability to use our eyes and hands together to perform tasks, like writing or drawing, with accuracy and coordination.

Pen Control

The skill of using a pen or pencil to make controlled and intentional marks, such as forming letters, shapes, or lines.

Visual Discrimination

The ability to notice and recognise differences and similarities between visual stimuli, such as distinguishing between different letters, shapes, or objects.

Spatial Relationship

Understanding and perceiving how objects or elements are positioned in relation to one another in space, including concepts like distance, size, direction, or orientation.

Form Constancy

The ability to recognize and understand that an object remains the same, even when its size, position, or orientation changes. It involves identifying shapes or objects regardless of their specific presentation.

Visual Working Memory

The capacity to temporarily store and mentally manipulate visual information in our mind while performing a task.

Visual Processing Speed

The speed at which our brain can perceive and interpret visual information, such as quickly recognizing and understanding visual stimuli like letters, words, or images.


The skill of using your hand and a writing tool to create legible and organised written symbols, such as letters, numbers, or words, on paper or a surface.



All of the exercises are designed and developed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialised in supporting children with special educational needs. 


The app is accessible anytime anywhere with a touchscreen device. Students can train at the convenience of their home. 


Student can receive instant feedback just as they will get from face-to-face training with SEN professionals.


Designed to be simple and intuitive, so that it can be used without having any special knowledge in training SEN students. 


Monetisation with avatar provide a personal touch, resulting in better involvement with training. 


Gamification with attractive design encourages user motivation, easing their commitment to training. 


The results of each training is recorded to provide reliable and instant feedback to professionals on the students' skills level.


The tool analyse user performance during each exercise to regulate the degree of difficulty and training automatically, allowing a personalised intervention. 

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